Field Guide for Pokémon GO


The Field Guide for Pokémon GO is a strategy guide for Pokémon GO. The key features include: a complete extensive Pokédex, a Movedex, a battle strategy helper, a quick look type strength and weakness calculator, and an IV calculator with the ability to save Pokémon to your own personal Pokédex.

hack-n / r34dm3


A text based adventure game intended to be a prequel to where the full RPG will pick up.


  • Time Cycle, you only have a certain amount of time to finish tasks
  • Health / Rest Management
  • Food Management
  • Multiple endings
  • Intertwined perspective episodes
Breach Hunters

Breach Hunters is a mobile and pc crossover game that allows players to discover a whole new universe by scouring the globe for breaches in our universe, closing them, or taking them over to create their own little pocket dimension.

Entities from another universe are ripping holes in space time creating breaches into our universe. Doing so they create pocket universes allowing them to amass armies in an attempt to cross their home universe into ours. Specially trained people known as hunters can enter these breaches. The hunters then enter the pocket universe allowing them the chance to destroy the entity permanently collapsing the pocket universe. Currently, we know of two types of entities, helpful ones we call Mira, and the destructive ones we call Atrox.